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Residential Solar Panel Services

Why are millions of homeowners converting to solar energy?

Discover the importance of locking in solar benefits in 2020

Residential Solar Panels in San Diego and the surrounding area

Receive the solar benefits you deserve

Don’t miss out on our quality solar panel services and start saving today. Due to living in a sub-tropical climate, San Diego and the surrounding areas are filled with plenty of sunshine throughout the year. We believe that making the switch to solar is simply the best choice. Additionally, we understand that investing in solar may be a tough decision for you and your family to make. 

It's in our name to put you and your family's needs first, and often times that's figuring out the best start. Trust us to guide you on the very beginning leaps of solar panel services and installation. Using high-resolution aerial imagery and data from your electric bill, we properly size your solar system. 

At the end of the day, you'll be saving hundreds of dollars a month and relieved with making the best decision for your home and loved ones.

Solar Panel Installation

Did you know, there are millions of homes that have gone solar within the past few years? Family First can answer all of your questions from "how are solar panels installed" to "what can I do to prepare for the day of installation". There are a few steps you can take that Family First will thoroughly help you with. These steps include:


  1. Having us visit your home.

  2. Getting paperwork finalized

  3. Ordering the necessary equipment

  4. Planning solar installation day!

  5. Flipping the switch to solar

Solar Panel Installation
Solar Panel Repair

Solar panels are prone to damages such as the weather or simply accidents we can't control. Simple solar panel repairs often include microscopic solar fractures or cracks. Think of these as windshield cracks. If not taken care of initially, it can expand over time and damage the solar cells. Other repairs we can help with include loose wiring, inner module damages, and external damages such as lightning, broken branches, or even icy conditions!

Simply call the professional solar panel repair experts at Family First Solar Electric and we can help you get your solar panels running today!

Solar Panel Maintenance

Overall, solar panels require little maintenance. So what exactly is solar panel maintenance? This can range anywhere from a full cleaning of the solar panels. Including cleaning of dirt, debris, and ultimately ensuring there aren't any particles obstructing the sun to the panels. Luckily, if you have tilted solar panels, rain does tend to wash away most of the dirt and debris over time! Additionally, solar panels are designed to be durable. If you have any troubles with your solar panels, it is best to hire a professional such as Family First Solar Electric to fix any solar panel repairs. 

Here at Family First Solar Electric, we install, repair, and maintain the best solar technology of the century. Get in touch with us today for a full inquiry.



Solar Batteries

Leave it up to our solar professionals to find and install the best solar batteries for your home. Find out why it's important to use the correct solar batteries for your solar home now.


Electrical Panel Upgrades

Family First Solar Electric also offers electrical panel upgrades. We are here to help you decide if it is time for an upgrade. Learn more and get a free quote today when it comes to electrical panel upgrades!

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Get Started with Solar

Family First Solar Electric can help you get started with solar panel services. We are here to help you guide you through every step of the way. Learn more and get a free quote today when it comes to solar panels!

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Benefits of Solar Panel Installation

We get it, researching solar energy benefits is super confusing. That's why we're here to explain the three primary financial benefits of solar energy during your first consultation with us.

Eliminate electric bill for 25 years

Collect Federal Investment Tax Credit (ITC)

Cash in Solar Renewable Energy Credits (SRECs)

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